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Aug 7, 2019
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Reviewed by: Lyle Marti (07-04-2013)



Project: Remove and replace 62X16 driveway.
Mike Smith did a great job from the time of getting the estimate to the final touches of cleanup.  The day we were to get an estimate from Mike, it started raining pretty hard about 30 minutes before his scheduled appointment.  He called us about 15 minutes before the appointment to let us know because of the rain he would not be able to make it.  I really like that as others tend to either call you late apologizing or do not show up.
He was very knowledgeable and gave me great information on PSI and what that means, on re-bar or fabric.  He did a fantastic job.  It has been over two months and the driveway looks great.  It was a pleasure working with a company that says what they mean and mean what they say.  Excellent work at a great price. When I need more work I will call Mike at Progressive concrete.


Reviewed by: Kathy K. in Lakewood, CO (02-17-2013)


Progressive Driveway & Concrete Concepts LLC is a top-notch company-- very professional, reasonably priced, courteous, knowledgeable, tidy, and punctual. They thought outside of the boxed and came up with creative, beautiful solutions to help maintain a sustainable planet without adding a lot of unnecessary materials to the projects.


Reviewed by: Vera Stepanek


Project: Remove and replace damaged concrete floor in downstairs bedroom.


Hard working crew under the guidance of highly professional Mike Smith replaced the broken concrete in a very timely manner,even under adverse weather conditions. Mike responded quickly to my initial job inquires with an honest, good price and an immediate work commencement. The project was followed by a thorough clean up. Im thankful to have met such an outstanding contractor.




From: John Anthony (02-19-2013)




Mike, I had a total of 5 bids to fix my retaining wall. The first four contractors wanted to totally replace the wall. You were the only one that said it could be repaired, not totally replaced, which saved me money.


I was pleased with the finished wall. It looks like it will last forever. Not only did you show up exactly on time, but you finished the job sooner than expected. In this day and age both of those are unusual.


Just wanted to say thanks. Will keep you in mind for jobs in the future.



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