Frequently asked questions

Q: How thick do I want me concrete to be?

A: A standard driveway or walkway is poured at 4" thick, different projects may call for different amounts, which is why we are here to help reccomend the best option for your project. 


Q: Should I use welded wire fabric or rebar?

A: Rebar is recommended over W.W.F. because it holds the concrete togeather and inplace longer after the concrete cracks. This will help you avoid costly repairs later on.


Q:Is there anything you can do about water puddles on the sidewalk caused from the down spout?

A: We can install a drain under the sidewalk to alleviate puddling.


Q: How long untill I can drive on my new driveway?

A: We recommend giving your new driveway 5-7 days to cure before driving on it.


Q: Is there anything I can do while the concrete cures? 

A: Yes, the day after the pour lightly mist the concrete, when water starts to run  off the concrete, stop. Do this for the 5-7 days to help new concrete cure better on those hot days.


Q: When can I walk on the new concrete?

A: The next day, but do not drag heavy items across it, i.e. furniture or  trash cans.


Q: What should I put on my concrete to help with ice?

A : DO NOT use de-icers as they can damage and spald concrete, sand or cat litter will provide you with traction needed.


Q: Why do you seal concrete?

A: Sealing concrete helps to keep water from penetrating the surface. This in turn will help your concrete not crack or develop surface flaking. 


Q: What is curing?

A: Curing is what we do to maintain the proper moisture and tempature conditions in the concrete. Curing helps strenghen your new concrete and will also help prevent damage in the furure. 


Q: What is the purpose of texturing my concrete surface?

A: Texturing your concrete can not olny add a pleasing look to your concrete, it can also provide skid resistance for your safety.

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